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"Mrs. Jordan and her staff definitely live up to the name "1 Child At A Time". They truly understand that each child is unique

and learns differently; and they cater tot their individual needs. I have been fortunate to have both my children receive
educational help through 1 Child At A Time. They are loving and caring and I am especially grateful for all of the valuable
help and advice they have always given me."

- Crystal Marchant (parent)



“Having gone through the gambit of having our son go through occupational and speech therapy, We believe that he is finally beginning to turn a corner thanks to the help of the staff of 1 Child at a time. We are firm believers that early diagnosis and proper intervention are the key to long term academic success. Mrs. Jordan has a wealth of knowledge and has been instrumental in the success of our son this academic school year. The love and devotion she has for her students is invaluable. “


- Meredith (parent)



1 Child At A Time has helped me organize and process my thinking and learning.


- Olivia (student)

"I have seen firsthand how 1 Child At A Time, significantly impacts the student, school and community. It's been a God given privilege to serve with such an amazing team!


- Ivette Rego (educator)


"I could not understand why my son wasn’t completing his work. I first noticed it when he was in Pre-K, but I figured that he would catch up eventually. He made it to 1st grade but there was not much improvement. We tried giving him incentives to complete his school work. When that didn’t work, we tried punishing him for not completing his work. That didn’t work either. When I first spoke to Mrs. Jordan, from 1 Child at a Time, she was very compassionate and led me in the right direction. Because of her guidance, my son began going to Occupational Therapy. She then recommended that he get a Psycho-Educational evaluation. This evaluation is priceless! It helped me understand his strengths and weaknesses and serves as a blueprint for the educational therapy he receives at school. His educational therapist works closely with his teacher to strengthen his areas of weakness. I am proud to see him making measurable progress! I am eternally grateful to Mrs. Jordan and her commitment for the past 20+ years in this field of work."

- Daisy Gongora (parent)

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