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1 Child At A Time educates children with learning difficulties by applying the academic components of reading, math and writing. We equip the student with tools that establish life-long learning while building competence and confidence. 

​Additional Services offered are academic testing, classroom observations, parent teacher workshops, mentoring, home school evaluations and resources for parents.

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Educational Therapy improves thinking, learning and meets the individual needs of students who learn differently. Emphasis is placed on auditory, visual processing and thinking using techniques established by the National Institute for Learning Development.


Reading Rx Program provides explicit instruction using the five literacy reading components; vocabulary, decoding, reading comprehension, phonemic awareness and reading fluency. This program is offered in a group setting or individually.

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Search and Teach is an early intervention program used for children 5-6 years of age. Search is the instrument designed to profile the strengths and weaknesses in perception. Teach consists of tasks/activities to be used based on the Search results.

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Preparing Our Preschoolers (POP) is a quality program that uses play in a rich learning environment to enhance and strengthen early literacy skills and number sense. Small group instruction is provided once a week during the school day for children 4 years of age.

Our model of services is based on the methodology of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). NILD techniques are language-based and develop vulnerability areas of thinking. It incorporates guided practice, feed back and requires active student involvement. Perception, processing, language, and cognitive needs of students are address.

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